MadeToFit Help


Made To Fit project is way of selling personalized item to our costumers.

The idea is to create a direct line with the client and try to make the object ordered following the client needs and personal taste, as much as we can.

First step the client choose one of the options showed on mesures his laptop or tablet and adds measurements in dialog box.

Then could add special request (in request box)to us, we try to be as flexible as we can so the client can specify for example tone of denim (light color, black, dark color) can chose the material of the band from another sample(cotton or synthetic leather) and the main tone(lighter or darker colorful or simple color).

The client will than proceed to check out and payment.

After we receive the order we will contact the client to confirm the option and give some extra info in necessary, and wait for a second confirmation.

If more email would be necessary we will be happy to help the client on any problem before we start the making of the peronalized item.

During this process or the client can withdraw and a full refund will be issued.

After final agreement, we will consider the transaction closed and proceed to make the item.

Consider 2/3 days to make the personalized item.

As stated in the return policy we cannot accept personalized item back.